Blender crashes with you too?

Hi again,

I have a very annoying problem with blender. When I try to select an object in a scene with many others within, and some object intersects others or they are into them (like bones) , then blender crashes. Is it happening with you too?

My details:

Pentium IV - 1,8GHz
Graphic card Intel 82852
RAM 256 Mb (sigh!)
DirectX 9
Blender 2.34


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Hmm… I’m quite sorry, I’ve just read that it could be a problem related to the Intel carg… damn…

I check for new drivers.


err… it seems I already have last drivers. Does anyone know any workaround for unlucky users with an embended Intel card???

help… me…


Try disabling Name (object settings) and Draw Names (edit settings) for the Armature object.


Hi there, I was just posting I’ve solved! As I’ve read about that in the bugtracker of blender.

Yes, it works now. thanks and sorry for an unuseful thread (maybe it will be usefull for someone in future…)