Blender crashes

I am a French Blender’s newbie, so my english is probably not perfect;).

Blender often crashes, and i don’t know why. It always do that when i try to do a subsurf, but not only there, it something do that when i try a render. I’m on Windows XP SP2.


Are you running version 2.42a? That’s the current released version.

If you are, then you might want to try a “CVS build”, and see if you’re still experiencing crashes. If it still crashes with a CVS build, you can file a bug report, and if you’re lucky it might get fixed immediately. (I’ve reported a couple of crashes post-2.42a and they were fixed within days of reporting them).

You can download JMS’s Windows CVS build from here. I’ve been using his builds for about the last 6 months and they are solid. He posts here fairly often and has his a support thread for the build on (Note there are problems apparently downloading from the site using M.S Internet Explorer … I use GetRight or Opera or Mozilla Firefox and it works with any of those)

The bug tracker is here where you can report bugs or check to see if your crashes have been reported / fixed.

The daily CVS logs are here, where you can read summaries of what is being worked on / fixed / changed etc.


Hello Mike and thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve try JMS’s Windows CVS build. It crashes too, and I have not post a topic on the bug tracker because I think the bug come as my computer. Probably a problem with an other soft. Blender works perfectly on my linux [Mandriva 2006], but I have not the sound on it because I’ve change my soundcard and I don’t found this driver on internet. I think I will use Blender on Linux, but I need the sound. Blender works better on my Linux, it is more fluid.

English Grammatical Question :wink: ==> Blender = “He” or “It”

Is your linux computer a different computer, or just a different OS on the same computer?
It might be that your computer is old(?) and it is not good enough to deal with large amounts of vertices or fancy effects when rendering.

Hello and thanks,
My comuter is not realy old, he is 2 years old (1Go Ram). I have linux and windows on the same computer (dual-boot.) It’s not a verticles problem because blender crashes when I do a subsurf on a plane or a cube (Etc…) and the render crashes rarely, so it’s not realy a problem.

Hmm, strange.

Do you have an ATI video card?

If so, there are known problems with them and Blender.

This thread has some tips / solutions for working with ATI cards


Yes, I’m on an ATI video Card. I will look your link immediatelly

Hmmm. I’ve tryed the Xenobius method and Blender works very quickly now. But it (he?) crashes again when I try a subsurf :frowning: Thanks

If you want, you can look if I don’t do an error of manupulation here==>
(right click and save as…)