Blender Crashes

I have been having this problem every time I go to set up my work flow in Blender3D:

1.) I split Blender into 4 windows… front, side, top and camera view.

2.) In the front and side views I upload a concept for each viewport so that I can use them for references when I model.

3.) After using the background image in each viewport, I add a mesh plane, delete 3 vertices and begin modeling by moving the last remaining vertex.

4.) Blender crashes.

I honestly don’t understand why Blender would crash. I’ve always used more than one window in the program. Unless my concepts are a bit too big. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both concepts are around 280 KBs in size. If they are too big indeed for Blender, I’d like to know.


  • HistoryGuy

ps: The only other program that I have running with Blender i iTunes.

I believe it is the fact that Blender cannot handle large images in two different viewports. I “hid” one of the images with the background image button, and uploaded the other one and Blender has not crashed yet. Sorry for the post mods. Newbies should note though that Blender has image size limitations (I guess).

Blender still crashes, when working a lot with it. I guess I’m working with too many vertices, etc? I dunno…

  • HistoryGuy