Blender Crashes

Problem: I added multires up to 6 levels on a mesh (approx 700000 verts) and did some sculpting. This was on a computer that’s better than mine (i.e. 2 gig of ram, mine has 1, dual core processor, mine doesn’t have that, graphics card, mine is integrated. And it was a mac.) It worked find on that computer, and now when I try to open it on mine blender crashes instantly. It doesn’t even open the file. Trying to append it into another file doesn’t work either.

Any way to fix this other than getting a better computer?? Any help would be great (I really liked that model :()

Are you using Windows?
Then maybe your solution is the one found by Mpan


Thanks, that may be of help (and what do you know, the same day you posted that it appeared on blendernation!:eyebrowlift:)

I doubt it is, I run Ubuntu Linux, and I have the same problem. If there is something blender doesn’t think my computer could handle, it crashes. Which is really annoying because I can’t A. Watch flued sims (depending on the complexity, I can if it’s not textured), B. Have complicated meshes, (not to much of a problem since my highest mesh/scene so far clocks in at 150,000 verticies before rendering and 500,000 after. And C. Use the cartoon plugin effect. (It plays 2 frames and crashed, yes, I don’t use it often, but I at least want to render some pictures I have with it for fun).

Edit: Oh, by the way, I never had this problem until 2.45, and now it’s ‘infected’ all other vertions of blender I had, so maybe it’s just that I’ve never made any objects before that required such computing power.