Blender Crashing Computer, nVidia tnt2. (Updated driver too)

Well whenever i render anything big (big as in beyond like 640x480, infact it just did it to me rendering a none OSA soap bar and 3 bubbles at 640x480…), my computer completely crashes.

Now this is more than just a Blender problem, infact this is a problem with the driver i just installed but before i installed the driver blender was the only program to do this.
After the comp reboot it says its a problem with my nvidia’s driver and its drawing, blahblah.

I was just hoping anyone could give me any advice on something. Dunno really where to go and since this is related to blender i figured id post here to kickoff the hunt for… a solution. It is a very old card but im broke and saving for a completely new comp anyway, but until then i am stuck rendering small images :/.

Big thanks to anyone with any advice on making blender more stable… or correct my, my comp more stable. As i have said its not only blender (as of late with the new driver).

Thanks to any advice :confused:

I know that this will sound counter-intuitive, but you may need to downgrade your graphics driver to something stable. I used to have this awful problem (I, too, used to have a TNT2… it was less than desireable…) updating where it wouldn’t support OpenGL (a 3d graphics API) and it lagged with DirectX 3D stuff. I googled for a solution to this and found that the last really stable release from NVidia for TNT/GeForce (Older cards) was the 44.x one. If you’re running 2000 (that’s what my machine was running) or XP you can pick it up here:

So you people don’t think I’m bashing NVidia, I currently have a GeForce4 MX, which does a fine job of running blender (and most other 3d apps :slight_smile: ).


P.S. If 44.x doesn’t work for you, try going lower.

bummer, ya i code in opengl (well planned on it, then need models, then loved blender, now opengl is on hold lol), and i hope i dont have to downgrade… ugh lol. But if i can render in full stability, i’ll downgrade to the ground! lol. Thanks!

I was pretty sure the driver i had before i updated was the stable one, and it was :/. I “downgraded” to 44.03 (or similar, theres only one 44.xx release), and my comp still crashes whenever i render anything mildly big. 800x600 soap bar and 3 bubbles is out of the question.

Hell i could prob render a 800x600 white surface and it would crash… ugh.

Anyone have any advice? lol. God i need a new card :frowning:

I have this gfx-card, too. And it crashes. Only solution for me is (on Windows and Linux) to set the display to 16bit. Works for me…


bummer, i’ll try that. If it allows me to render i can just model in 32bit and when i need to render something fully i can simply switch to 16, render, then back.

Hopefully it works, thanks for your reply!

Why switch between between 16 and 32 bit? the output is always saved in full colordepth. You will see some banding in the render window, but if you open the picture in an viewer/image-app which supports dithering, it will look much prettier. Also, in my case it’s like in 16bit 3D is a bit faster.


I had this brand card for a while, before I started Blending. I chanaged it after I got frustrated, when Blender was alwasy crashing whit it. I couldn’t render in a seperate window, I had to always render in 3D window. From some reason that always worked.

If I recall correctly Blender was quite stabile whit it whit very old drivers. It might have been, that the (surprise here) original drivers from Microsoft worked best. Tough i don’t remember that good. I was just too glad to chanage.

well good news, i decided to go to 16 bit and try to render. Success!!!

So the fact that i hate 16bit, means i’ll just render big probjects in 16, and do my small test renders & modeling in 32 bit.

Thanks guys!

Oh, and quick Q, how do you render within the 3D window? i always just umm, i believe its F12 render… hard to remember what button lol, guess thats muscle memory :o


Exactly the problem I’m having, blender just freezes the computer and all I can do is restart, I have nvidia TNT2 card aswell.


Ok, tried downgrading, more stable but blender still crashes. Switching to 16-bit seems to work though.

I wonder why 32-bit is effecting it so much :-?

Anyway, as long as it works, thanks a lot for the solution.


ya i just model in 32 and render big in 16, i can still render small.

So happy i can finally render lol