Blender crashing every time I make an adjustment.

I am very new to Blender and I am enjoying the learning curve(:P) greatly.however,I have been following a tutorial on a Breakfast Hall on youtube posted by Blender-nerd.All has been working out fine untill i got to a point where i was making the table-cloth and the bake.Since that point,every move i make in blender it stops responding and mostly crashes(not a crash everytime though) I will attempt to attach the file so you can see what im working on but in the tool bar next to the bake from cache button i have a message that says cache is outdated.I have no idea if thats the issue or how to manage the memory for blender fail saves that i want to delete.Please help a noob!!! p.s. This is the first experiance I have ever had with ANY software of this type so treat this post as a kidergartner please,the simple terms and workarounds will be welcomed…lol p.s.s. all of my uploads failed for some reason im afriad.

Depending on how good your computer is, how high poly the cloth is, and how good quality you’re trying to bake the cloth can all cause crashes unfortunately, if there is a very high number of verts in the cloth (>100000) then Blender can run out of RAM and simply seize up. Does it only crash on this file? If not then I’d try deleting the file where it has cached the cloth data, and reinstalling Blender.
Hope I’ve helped :slight_smile: