Blender Crashing everytime i change from CPU to GPU

Hi. In Cycles render engine when i try to change the Device from CPU to GPU blender is automatically crashing. Earlier it used to work fine. I tried with other versions of blender. Each version have the same problem. I updated my graphic drivers and all. But the problem continues. Please anyone help me out.

Something similar happened to me which was caused by the gpu no longer being supported by Blender. I had an old gpu which would not much but it used to work. What gpu do you have? supported-hardware What version of Blender used to work ok with the gpu and which version of Blender does not? Blender 2.9 needs stronger gpus. Hope this helps in understanding the problem. The solution might be to buy a newer gpu.

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Hey thanks for the reply. I’m using blender 2.93 and my Graphic card is 4GB Nvidia 960M. I’ve tried blender 2.93 in another PC and it works perfectly. The other PC specifications are very low when compared to mine (Nvidia 660). Actually it worked fine two months ago. Then i reset my PC and I updated all my drivers also. I am also having a problem while opening Daz 3D after resetting my PC. I don’t know where it went wrong.

And also to mention i also tried in other Lower versions of blender. But the problem is still same.

Since this is not just a Blender problem I cannot help you. Perhaps you might be able to find some error messages in system logs or event viewer.