Blender crashing in ocean simulation. 2.72b

My ocean scene is constantly crashing in GPU rendering Cycles Render engine. 2.72b

Why is this?
My graphicscard is an older version of nvidia GT 560 and it has 2048 MB RAM. The texture and geometry is checked. It must be the algorithm of the ocean simulation which causes this. Also the rendering with CPU is extreme slow. It renders in over 22 minutes per frame with tile size 16x16

I don´t think the ocean simulator is realy production ready. The resolution is just at 20. Not very much i think.

Can someone help me to solve this issue?

Kind regards
GD Animation Studio

How many times are you repeating this? a single tile at resolution of 20 will produce 320,000 tris. each time you repeat it will add on another 320,000 tris. More then likely you are running out of ram

Better option is to instance / dupligroup… that way the tile is only stored once in memory but you have the exact same effect.

Ocean simulator is production ready and we have used it multiple times.

No need to post this thread twice.

Ok thanks for the clarification.

Do you know if Blender can handle Particle + Ocean sim? How do particles influence the hardware capacity?

Blender can handle it, you just need to be smart about memory management.