Blender crashing upon opening a largish file on Mac..

Hey guys,

I’m using Blender 249.2 on an aluminum iMac with a 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 gigs of RAM and a Geforce 8800 GS graphics card. I have Snow Leopard installed, updated to 10.6.1.

I have a blender document that’s 185 MB that’ll open reliably sometimes, and cause the operating system’s “busy” beachball icon to spin infinitely until I’m lucky enough to force quit the application, or more commonly, hard shut down by the power button other times. I’m not using any particles or anything in the model, but there are some 4096 x 4096 texture images being used. It seems as if there could be so many contributors to the problem that I’d appreciate other people’s input and suggestions. Thank you.

you might benefit from breaking the project up into several files
props, characters, backgrounds etc

and then linking what you need into a new file for that specific shot

that way you are not loading things you don’t need

but of course it would depend on the project you are doing


I think that’s good advice, but I can’t open the .blend to be able to separate things (and it’s only one character and a couple of props, as it stands anyway).

Open a new blend file and append in the main object. Save this as a new blend. Do the same for the other objects and save as another blend. You’ve then split your original up without having to open it and these should open a lot better.

It must be a hell of a ‘single character and a couple of props’ weighing in at 185MB


append to a new file like richard said

sounds like you probably have a lot a extra stuff in the file that you don’t need

appending it to a new file will probably fix your your issue

(you might have unused mesh data, textures and materials etc)

Appending everything to a new file seemed to do the trick, thanks for the advice. It’s the same size as the other one and it seems to open without a hitch, so there must have been something specific to the other document like unused mesh data and the like.

Speaking of which, there’s one more thing: How do I go about deleting unused UV unwraps such as those that can be found in the attached image? The big-ass “X” next to the drop-down box doesn’t seem to do it.

Thanks again.


are you trying to delete the images or the UV’s?

don’t think you can delete the UV’s
but to delete the images - you need to make sure they aren’t being used by anything (and that they are not set to be used by a fake user)

you can databrowse (shift F4) and navigate to the image
and press F until it says 0
then when you save and reload - it will be gone