Blender crashing when dragging material swatches

I am using the latest stable release of blender and I mean this quite literally… it was working, I was dragging material swatches just fine, then literally out of the blue blender crashed. Ok, one time, big whoop, well now it is every time I drag a material swatch. Nothing in the scene, full scene, doesn’t matter.

I am on windows 10, rtx 3070, 7990k, 32gb of ram. It was working fine til the first crash and now it doesnt work at all in any scene. So far I have tried reinstalling graphics drivers and reinstalling blender and have tried several versions, all have the same issue.

I am hoping someone has an idea of what this might be. Dragging swatches is a pretty heavy part of my work flow so not being able to do it is quite annoying.