Blender Crashing when Rendering a Still

Blender version: 2.65a
CPU: 6-Core Phenom II @ 3.8GHz
OS: Windows 8

I am just rendering a still image, at high resolution, but still there’s no reason for blender to crash on me. I’ve rendered 500x higher quality stills than this with other programs on this computer. Anyway, anyone able to help?

I’ll upload the blend file.

Try the render on Blender 2.66. Links on the blender home page, or

Tried it, but it crashes even sooner in the render than 2.65 does

So I put the program into windows 7 compatibility mode, tried to render and it either crashed my computer or it just shut down without warning. I removed the Anti-Aliasing though and it worked flawlessly. This is a lot of work to make it actually give any reslt though, I hope blender fixes it soon.