blender crashing when rendering hair particles

im trying to create a quick cityscape for a project i am working on and i found a nice tutorial on using the cycles hair partivle generation to generate 2 or 3 pre designed buildings as hair along the verts of a plane. however when i try to render the scne with 1000 hair particles it crashes while when i lower the generation to 100 it works fine.

the thing that has me even further confused is that i used the discombobulator add-on on a plane with way more than 1000 planes and it renders fairly quickly as the buildings themselves have very little geometry.

im not sure if this is important, but my pc specs are

cpu: intel core i-7 3820 quad core @ 3.60Hz
gpu: nvidia GeForce GTX 670
ram: 32Gb
OS: windows 8 64bit
this is the image that renders fine, its just a plane that i deformed for the particle system except i used the discombobulator.
this is the image which doesnt work, i had to take a screenshot and crop it in gimp so i appoligize for the blurry image.

any help would be greately apreciated thanks in advance,


So what about the basics like what renderer ?
If cycles are you using gpu or cpu, if gpu what memory does your graphics card have and have you tried cpu.
What about a link to your blend file ?

sorry i did forget some info, yes i am using cycles and i tried it with both cpu and gpu rendering with the same result. my graphics card has 4Gb of onboard ram

here’s the file (for some reason it failed to upload to the blenderartist upload manager)

sorry, i did forget to add the my gpu has 4bg of onboard ram also i have tried it with both gpu and cpu rendering the later which i attempted with CUDA on and off.

here’s a link to the file, the uploads manager gives me an error every time i try to upload the zip file for some reason.

I had some help with texturing from one of the members of the forum and when they rendered the results on their workstation the result was stunning. I tried the same blend file on my rather underpowered laptop and CRASH! it wouldn’t render. Did a post mortem (I’m a systems guy) and found the crash was due to memory issues (SEGV).

The blend I’m referring to used Cycles Hair rendering as well to that’s what you situation has in common with mine.

I’ve gotten the impression (I’m slow sometimes, this took a while) that memory is the #1 thing besides shear compute power that gets in the way of rendering. So besides the fact that I’m buying the parts I need to build a dedicated workstation for 3D work I have plans to upgrade my laptop with the maximum amount of RAM I can buy (afford?) and see if things get better. Shy of that I’m going to start stuffing a cookie jar and build a better laptop fund.

So, as Richard Marklew asks in his post: what do you have under the hood of the machine you are trying the render on?

i posted most of the important info in the main thread, for some reason my second post is being reviewed by moderators before it appears, but my gpu has 4gb of onboard ram if that makes a large difference?

just a quick update, it seems to be crashing regardless of the type of hair, what i mean is i checked to see if it was the object i was using that was making it crash. regardless of weather i use the default strands or some other object, blender crashes in the same fashion…

any ideas on how i could resolve this issue? any help would be greatly appreciated!