Blender crashing when right clicing or bone selecting (Aspire One Win 7 Intel)

I just got this computer a while ago and tried an older version of Blender, 2.4.7, on my flashdrive and found it half worked and crashed badly when I tried to select a bone in any shape or form. Not a whole cluster of bones just ONE bone, I did some tests and found it acted the same. After a while I quit trying, today I downloaded the new version, opened it up and found no words what so ever. And any attempts to right click anything would cause a crash.

I traced down the problem to be a DLL, igdogl32.DLL and wonder if there was a way to fix it. I tried looking up a graphics update but could not find one on Acer.

If it helps here’s my computer:

Acer Aspire One
Windows 7 starter
Intel atom

Thank you all in advanced.

(p.s. If there is no cure, I am going to have to install linux on a duel boot.:D)