Blender Crashing When Selecting UV Image

Having an issue with Blender crashing every time I try to select an image from the linked image list in the UV editor. My guess is I have an offending image. Any ideas on how to correct this so I can select linked images once again without crashing?


Have you tried simply removing the image from the directory so Blender can’t find it? Does that fix the crash?

If it does, then I’d try re-saving the image into a different format (PNG, TGA, JPG, whatever – just something different from what it was), and bring it back into the project.

After some research i found a solution to remove all images from your datablocks.

  1. Open Python Script window

  2. Paste in the following into the Python Script window…this clears all images from all slots so that all images have no users.

    import bpy
    imgs =
    for image in imgs:

  3. Then, Paste in the following into the Python Script window…this removes any images that have no users.

    for img in
    if not img.users:

  4. Save and reopen file. All images slots should now be empty.

Thanks to Frederik Steinmetz and pink vertex for their posts on this.