Blender Crashing with CUDA and GeForce GTX 520

Every time i try to select cycles from the render list blender crashes. I can open a file saved with cycles but as soon as i click the render properties tab or switch to rendered mode it crashes.

Using Blender 2.62
GeForce GTX520 (updated drivers)
Windows 7 32-bit

Test it with another Blender version like 2.61. Download and install Ubuntu so that you have a dual boot system.

Even if that doesn’t solve your problem it should give you a hint where the problem is. Besides, a (desktop) computer capable of running Windows 7 is usually 64-bit capable so at least your Blender internal renderings should be quite a bit faster with 64 bit Ubuntu.

Btw, could you tell about your system and compare rendering times with your cpu and gpu?

would if i could, blender wants nothing to do with my GPU. Even under the standerd blender internal renderer i dont have gpu options.

Sys Specs:
AMD 2.4 Duel Core
4GB Ram
Galexy Brand GeForce GTX 520(using up to date nvidia drivers from the Nvidia web site)
Windows 7 32-bit
Ubuntu 11.?? Via ?Wubi? install 32-bit(i think)

Would give it a go on ubuntu but i have no internet at home at the moment so i cant install latest version of blender of the correct linux drivers for my card.

Will do fresh install of Win 7 and i think im going to switch to fedora 16(unless its bad for Blender). Have to keep win 7 for SW:TOR.

Probably Wubi won’t help you. Of course you can try.

I have heard mostly good things about Fedora. However, it’s a testbed for Red Hat so Ubuntu should be more polished. At least Ubuntu’s long term support (LTS) versions are very good. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release day is 26th of this month.

Just found out that there is a new beta driver for my card, downloading it and will try it when i get home. Is there some inharent flaw in using the 520, it seems no one is. I got the 520 because it was only $40 and as i blend as a hobby it was the cheapest card i could find that still supports cuda (2.1 i think). Upgraded from a Radeon HD 3850 512MB.

2.61 works thanks!!