blender crashing with luxrender and cycles (user preferences causes it)

Hi, i have windows 7, and a 64 bit processor, i recently downloaded blender 5.7 the stable version and 5.7 from with luxrender in it, everytime i click on user preferences it crashes, i dont know why, i dont have anything else open to make it crash, i would appreciate some help

I am having the same problem. I am using windows vista 32 bit. When I hit user preferences Blender crashes. I have no clue why. Also , the splash screen is glitchy. when i click the preset button Blender pops up an error that I cannot read because it is flashing on the screen. I want to know if there is a fix in the works or should i Download an older version.( I really like the new interface!!!). I can get around the buggy flash screen by clicking on the modeling window, but I can’t access user preferences.

ps. I am using a laptop with no keypad what i the hot key to use my numbers like a key pad?

These both sound like graphics card related errors. All I can suggest is to ensure you have the latest drivers.

If you want to get to the user preferences you can also change any window to a user preferences window from the dropdown in the bottom left hand corner.

yeah what im doing is selecting user preferences from the window type, and today i just cheked the driver, and its up to date, i dont know what it is. @Dragonstar, i think if you go to user preferences, there is an option to emulate number keypad, look around