Blender crashing?

Hey guys,

Unfortunately I wasn’t sure what forum to put this in, since there isn’t a “technical difficulties” forum.

Basically what’s happening is blender is crashing when I go to mark seams. I can’t determine what’s causing these crashes, other than they started as soon as I started marking seams for uv unwrapping. It seems pretty random, usually when I click on something. (anything from a button, to selecting a seam, to hittintg an arbitrary hotkey)

I’m running suse 10.1 and blender 2.42a. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunatly I dont know what could be going on with your system since I have never had that problem and I havent run blender under linux yet. Since this is a “Blender Artists” forum I dont if anyone will be able to help you out here. Hopefully someone will be able to, but if not, try here:

That forum is more orientated to tech support and in general, the more technical side of blender, so you may have more luck there.

Good luck,