Blender crashing

I have never had crashing problems before, but this model I have is causing all kinds of crashing issues - driving me crazy! This is my first time using displacement maps. And it has a lot of faces: 2.5 million. I can render single frames but in the animation it keeps crashing on frame 50.

Pentium 4
RAM - 4 GB

Win XP

I’m using Blender 2.49 - could it be this new version is causing crashing?

Win XP can’t address a bit depth beyond 3GB unless it’s a 64bits OS. Look at your console while rendering. If you see CalOc returns nill, then you just ran out of memory.

I have a problem with Blender crashing now too. This is new for me. I’m doing a pretty simple render with Nodes. Doing a Render of a frame causes Blender to crash almost without fail.

Things I should have brought up earlier:

  • The computer that crashes is a tower that has an NVIDIA card
  • Another weaker computer (my laptop) does not crash when rendering the same files. That Toshiba laptop has an Intel graphics controller.

I can render non-node animations successfully on both computers.

I am using 2.49 with Python 2.6.2 on the tower, and apparently another version of 2.49 (?) on ther laptop, running Python 2.5.2.