Blender Crashing

I just installed Blender to do some basic animations (assembly motion of a mechanical component) and I have been having problems with the interface. I installed blender 2.79 32 bit (64 bit gave me even more troubles) and I can open the interface, I can move around the geometries, change the camera, etc (the basic stuff) but sometimes when I press some options it starts loading and it takes a while (1 to 2 minutes). This has happened when:

  • Tried to change the folder where all is saved ( mp by default)
  • Opening user preferences
  • Right clicking some options or points in the 3d view

I looked at possible problems in the information that the blender website provides and I tried:

  • changing to no multisample
  • draw method to full (automatic apparently can cause issues)
  • no antialiasing
  • I installed previous versions of blender
  • restarted windows

My setup is

  • GeForce GTX 1050 (I updated it today, 384.76)
  • Inter Core i5 7500 3.40 GHz
  • 32 GB ram
  • win 7 (at the moment can’t change this, could it be an issue?)
  • cooling: standard basic fan
  • I use resource intensive software from time to time without issues.

So my question is what other things I should try? What version of blender should be more stable? I don’t to need do anything complicated (camera, lighting, parts linear motion, rendering (ok quality))
Thanks for any info you can provide regarding this issue, I’ll be sure to give more info if required.