Blender created textures in BGE......

I know, I’ve already searched…looked all over the net with no avail :frowning:

So, I’ve been trying to get a texture I created in blender (by that, I mean a texture that I picked from the dropdown menu in the texture tab, and specified some properties) to appear on my sphere-like player in my game. It shows in blender internal render, but I can’t get it to show up in the BGE.

I tried changing the shading in the viewport to textured(nope!), glsl(everything was just white without any shadows, and the texture didn’t show), nodes(nope, only renders fine in blender internal, but that’s besides the point), and many other things I can’t remember(I’ve been tweaking things left and right for hours on end…).

And yes, I just started using the BGE, although I’ve been using blender for months.

EDIT: Blend file, possibly to save time on guesses.
Phyre game.blend (747 KB)

You can’t use a Blender texture in the BGE. It’s procedurally generated, and the BGE runs separately. You’ll have to bake the texture to an image to use it in the BGE.

…Well, that explains a lot. If it’s not too much to ask, how would I bake the texture?

You should be able to go into the Bake section of the Render section (the tab in the properties menu with the camera icon), and bake the textures by setting the Bake Mode to “Textures”. I haven’t baked textures, though, so there might be more to it. Try also selecting “Selected to Active” and selecting the object you want to bake.

Hmm, I just tried doing that, and it keeps saying " No images found to bake to".

Tried troubleshooting with this:
And after trying all the solutions, it still displays the same error message.

Oh, and I should probably attach the .blend. I just edited the first post with the file.

Create a new image, select the object, go into Edit mode and UV unwrap it (U-key) to the image (or as you want your UV layout to appear), and then go back to Object mode and bake the texture.

Ahh, ok, thanks. Worked like a charm.