Blender creates additional materials


I’m trying to use blender to create a map for a game, which requires the use of certain materials. (water/plain, etc.)

When I assign water material to a face, it looks fine. But after exporting and reimporting the same file, there is an additional material, water_my_3d_file_name.jpg which is now assigned to that face. If I delete this new material, Blender will create water_none and any faces, to which I assign water material, will actually be assigned water_none material.

Is there a way to stop this madness?

Thank you for any help

Well, there seems to be a workaround.

I’ve exported the file as .obj, imported into Wings 3D and deleted any wrong materials. Reimported the .obj back into blender. And then just work with the .obj, without ever saving it into a .blend.

Only downside is, that it’s necessary to export the file, whenever I want to save.

I’m confused, why are you exporting and re-importing your model in the first place?

There is no reason to do the original export/import, other than for trouble shooting.

To get the map into the game, there is a converter, which converts an .obj into a .txt file, which is then read by the game engine. Initially, this converter showed errors when importing the .obj, due to wrong materials being assigned to faces. To figure out, where these errors came from, I reimported the .obj back into blender and discovered the additional materials, which I hadn’t added and are not part of the original .blend file.