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When I was thinking of making a monster training game (like Pokemon) I originally thought of using the creature creator from spore to prototype the creature designs before working them up in either 3d or 2d (it was a sprite based game). The problem was that when I read the license while installing the creator I found that everything you make with it is owned by EA as are any derivative products.

Sure I could just pretend that I hadn’t used it if I decided to sell the game but the editor wasn’t even that versatile or intuitive for me to bother. Instead I decided on coming up with a quick way to prototype creatures in blender. Modeling is grand but I wanted a very fast way to design characters in 3d. Eventually I decided to use meta-balls.

If you edit a meta-ball you can add more shapes and sculpt it into any shape you want and then use it as a single meta-shape in object mode… I decided that creating a bunch of generic creature parts out of meta shapes and then being able to duplicate, tweak and move them was the easiest way to quickly throw together meshes (without ugly seams)

I started the project and am happy with how it’s going. I’m going to keep adding to it over time to build up a big library of parts so I can quickly throw together designs for whatever creatures I need for a game. I can then take the new shape and draw over it or even sculpt and retopo it for use in the actual game.

I haven’t got much now but I figure someone else may want to use the same idea when designing creatures themselves so I’ll upload the few pieces I have so far. This is completely free to use, all creations are your property. I don’t ask for any credit for the technique, the pieces or anything. The only thing that I think would be good is if you make new pieces (heads, arms, tails…) to upload them here so everyone can use them. (remember they have to be composed of meta-shapes)

I can manage the files and combine them or other people can, It doesn’t matter to me. Here’s an example of a simple lizard centaur I threw together in a few min just as a demonstration.


BCC.blend (339 KB)

It’s kind of high poly, but it’s ok, there’s not much parts to chose from though, but overall it’s fun to play with! nice job :slight_smile:

Yes but if it’s for fast prototyping it’s quite awesome! I’ll incorporate it into my booklet :slight_smile:

If you have a good GPU that type of polycount would not be too much for the BGE to handle providing its for the main character and signature characters and you don’t have tons of them animated at once.

It’s not for actually making characters it’s just for designing. If you want you can retopo to a low poly mesh. The topology of a character made with meta-balls doesn’t lend itself well to animation anyway. Basically it’s just for speedy making of general forms that you can elaborate afterwards. Not many parts yet because I started today but hopefully if I and the community keep adding to id it will become a valuable tool set. I like to think of it as 3d thumbnailing.

Exactly, it’s just a speedy way of designing. What booklet are you writing? feel free to take all that I post in this thread for it.

I prefer subsurf. Its really quick to set up vertex groups for the control mesh when fixing it to an armature. Now subsurfs available in the BGE should make life a lot easier for trying stuff out.

subsurf it’s not the best way to low poly modelling, at all. Apply it and check how many polys you have.

No its not the best way. The best way is to take your time and do it properly. Bit subsurf is fast and if your system can handle it, you can prototype things quickly.

I had the same desire to be able to create a creature quickly. The approach that I really want but am unable to program well enough is to create a creature by using the bones or armatures. Once the skeleton is created, run a python script to create a mesh based on the bone structure with inputs from the user as to the diameter and density of the mesh. The rest could tweaked. With this approach the poly count would be up to the user. Someday perhaps.

If working up a more detailed model you are right, subdevision modeling is the best method. the thing is that when I was making the centaur I started off planning on just giving him two legs, then I duplicated them and slid them back a bit. I had no concept as to what I was making I was just playing around. I’s like slotting lego together.

The thing is that subdevision modeling is quite slow and personally i cant design when polymodeling. Even though it’s a simple model you made I’d say it took about 5 to 10 min to model. mine took less than a min because I was just clicking pieces together.

Anyway, I might update this later on but I’ve three college assessments to get done and I can’t really procrastinate any further…

I like Dark Tiger’s idea - don’t know how well it would work, and I certainly couldn’t do it, but it would produce a rigged mesh really quickly that could be modified.

Rorkimaru, 1min to produce your model is impressive, I might give that another try.

That’s a shame this project is abandonned. Please, make it crowdsourced.

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