Blender Creature Effects: The Complete Workflow - Blender Tutorial

Let’s embark on a journey into the creature world of Blender together!

Have you ever dreamed of creating lifelike creature characters in Blender? This course uses a Eurasian wolf as a case study and will guide you step-by-step to complete a cinematic and realistic Eurasian wolf model.

Comprehensive Coverage: From modeling to texturing, fur, rigging, and animations, we provide a one-stop solution to all your animal character creation needs.

Wide Audience: Tailored for both Blender beginners and intermediate to advanced artists, this course offers a complete experience in creature effects. Whether you’re a modeler, texture artist, grooming artist, rigger, or animator, you’ll gain comprehensive experience in character creation.

In-depth Case Study: Using a wolf as a case study, with 108 chapters and 79 hours of content, we thoroughly explain the creation process.


Thank you for this! This will improve my work so much! :heart_eyes:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you.:+1:


Just a quick question I was curious about, VFX_Grace: How many members are on your team, because your work is amazing, even better than the work of most big studios I’ve seen.

This is very impressive, very detailed

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