Blender Credits...

I’m curious if anyone knows of any credited uses of Blender in cinema or television. I ask because a friend of mine told me that the animation of the Final Fantasy movie was all done in Blender. Not sure if he’s right or not, just curious if it HAS been used in film or not. It certainly could be! :slight_smile: happy weekend all!

From what I recall, Final Fantasy was all done in Maya.

If Final Fantasy was done in Blender - at all - I’m sure that there would be billboard-size advertisements of it on every Blender web page. :smiley:


does pre-vis count?

Blender was used to do the pre-viz on Spiderman 2. The story’s over at As for a full feature film, it’s possible but it probably wouldn’t be Blender’s renderer or yafray that would make the final product because of artifacts and lack of necessary features like true motion blurring. The fact that Blender can be used for a pre-viz for a feature film shows it’s capable of doing the sequences, though. And major film companies often use external renderers anyway - mostly Renderman. If Blender had a link to aqsis or similar like it does with yafray, the output would be good enough for film.

One big problem is that because Maya has the tried and tested fluid/fur/hair/cloth dynamics built-in, it would be harder (though possible) for the animators to use Blender as they’d have to write their own. I wish they would because then they might develop some nice engines we could all use without having to hand over £4000 to a faceless corporation.

Be very skeptical of the “xxx movie was done with xxx”, even be wary of the credits at the end of the movie. It is rare that 1 product is responsible for ALL of the effects. Each tool has different strengths. A different package can be used in each stage: proposal, pre-viz, effect sequence, post production, editing, etc. Sometimes an individual shot will be farmed out to a small house. Naturally, that company and the product the use will tell the world that they “did the effects for xxx movie using product xxx”, even if that is just a 15 second special effect before editing and post-production. There have been a number of films that experienced problems towards the end and had to be re-edited. That means some effects were probably added or re-worked. Depending on the contract, the company that did all of the initial work may be completely left out of the credits.

Imagine what could be done if Blender was sold as an inexpensive pre-viz tool for fast work prior to the “real 3-d tools” taking over. Blender might be able to get a lot of converts that way. Independent studios could showcase their concepts to get that large financial backing.