blender.Cube ver.1.0

created by:
BrianH - project designer and logic debugging.
macouno - scripting and controlls.

Licensed Under:
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

WSAD and the Arrow keys will control the camera rotation.
On load (and when solved), click the cube to randomize.
Click and drag a cube to rotate the blocks.

You can also check out a video tutorial on how to get started here:
Work In Progress Thread:

.blend Download:

CRAZY O.o!!! thats awesome ! good work there :smiley:

I’m already making a list for 2.0, to include network multiplayer and singleplayer save options. If you have any feature requests and/or comments, feel free to post them here.

Wow. That is REALLY well put together! I (being a Rubiks Cube fan) loved it!

At first I thought the method for moving the blocks was a bit weird, but the more I used it, the more I liked it. My only suggestion here (and this is picky) is that you should make the cube colors warmer. They’re kinda bland.

But as far as the programmer is concerned, I tip my hat to him!! Great Game!


Sweet! Killed 10 minutes of my day. :smiley:

excellent works man:yes:
awesome ! and funny game;)
i solution the complet cube (30 minutes)
but with some help of this guide:

Hey guys, and thanks… we’re trying to fix it up so it’ll work saved as runtime as well, but it’s tricky. (works on my system now but still needs a full python install/should be solved tonight)

Then hopefully we can optimise stuff a bit so you can get higher frame rates.

Little update.

I currently have a working standalone version that runs for people on windows that don’t have blender and/or python installed. Hopefully that means we can do versions for the other platforms as well. I hope the python GE api gets some lovin… it needs it, this thing was quite a pain.

Apart from a few small enhancements I think it’s mostly up to brian to continue :wink: Hopefully we can release a standalone ready version soon.

cool game, would be fine if i can rotate the cube with mmb or rmb mouse button as tarball.