Blender Cubed: Making a seamless texture in Blender

I just uploaded a new tutorial on how to take an image an make it seamless all within Blender. You can find the HD video onvimeo.

If you go to my website you will find 10 free seamless textures I made as a gift as well. Any comments are welcome. Thanks :slight_smile:

Your tutorial is well done and the random thoughts part of it imho is a good way for us to learn things that don’t need full blown tut’s.
Thanks for the tut.

Great tut, thankyou. I had no idea that Blender had such good tools for painting, and I did wonder why when I tried it seemed sooooo slow.

Hey thanks, I am glad that you are finding it useful. If you have any suggestions for new tutorials I am all ears. :eyebrowlift:

Well I seem to suffer from “I don’t know what I don’t know”. But I will think about it. I really love the extra bits at the end, I agree that some interesting work can be found in the mistakes of development…

Thanks 3PointEdit; one of my favorite teachers/mentors would always start a meeting with Random Thoughts; which were humorous yet interesting … random thoughts about nothing or something. So I figured it would be a good habit to integrate into my tutorials. These next couple weeks I am putting together a series of how to do concept art, model, texture, animate, and then export for platforms like Unity 3d. Should be a lot of random thoughts as I run into errors and the like.

Thanks for your positive words, that’s what keeps people making free tutorials. :slight_smile:

I especially appreciate short topics on fundamentals like this texturing technique. Otherwise you often have to dig through 20minutes of a tutorial just to find some nugget of information that you dimly recall.

I definitely like both short and long tutorials; each are good in their own respect. I purchased Blender Vehicle Modeling Series and it rocks; but it is nearly impossible to search it for just one skill set. It is more like a book; in which my total overall understanding of modeling increases instead of just knowledge on a few isolated pieces of information. Sometimes I need to see a whole-listic approach while other times I just need one or two quick bits of information.

I was actually planning on doing a series of concept drawing, modeling, and texturing; but might just make a few more short videos first. Any suggestions of what you need help with?

Nice Video but i Know how to do that.

I will give Filter forge a try.

It looks like my kitchen floor.

I’m about to view your vid but I thought I should tell you that your website has been replaced with a PHPforum.
It mentions your site address in their page source though;

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Are you starting a forum? I’ve been thinking of learning PHP.

Yes I am trying to get a forum up and just have a little polish before everything is go. Unfortunatley I mapped it to; so you can access my site by going to for the time being.