Blender cubes random moves experimentations (python scripting)

One cube filled with smaller ones. Holes left inside it. Each cube can move freely (and randomly) inside the box.

Some variations around the number of cubes and number of holes.

I won’t begin to ask you how this was done, because I know nothing about scripting… but it’s really cool


So many cool things you can do with programming. This would be awesome for some type of futuristic UI or a diagram of a harddrive defragmenting. Nice job anyhow! Are you going to be releasing the script? That would be really nice :smiley:

Thanks for your comments.

I put a link to the script on my blog. See the following post:
(the script is downloadable at the end of the post)

Anyway, I didn’t optimize the script nor comment it a lot, but you should find the main variables at the beginning of the script (dimensions, number of holes and so on…)

As well, I did a short video on how to start quickly with python scripting in Blender:

Let me know if this was usefull…

Impressive! It’s a challenge to learn python :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your comments. Any idea to improve the animation?