Blender curriculum development for high school program

We are a K-12 school interested in contracting a Blender 3D generalist to help produce short tutorials on the basics of modeling and animating for Unity games for high school level students. The contract work can start immediately and can be completed remotely with scheduling flexibility. The expectation is that based on the agreed upon lesson outcomes, the contractor would create both written and video recorded lessons.
As the created content is to be utilized for educational purposes, in addition to having a high degree of fluency with Blender, the contractor will need to demonstrate a strong ability to explain fundamental modeling and animation principles using both written and spoken English. Video editing skills are desired but not required. Applicants will be asked to provide examples of Blender work, and to provide samples of any instructional content (eg. tutorials, videos).

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Has this position been filled?

Hello Terry. Thanks for reaching out. The “position” is technically open…it’s not a full-time job but more a situation where I want to be able to contract a Blender pro to help create some basic Blender tutorials for a high school program that I run. If this sounds interesting, let me know…and of course, I’d appreciate being able to see some of your work, and to know what experience you may have in creating tutorials.

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