Blender&Cyckes with K5000 crashes on startup.


I´m going to my old employer to try and help their 3d TD get Blender working (currently crashes on launch) he wants to check out Cycles.

In his machine there´s that new Tesla k5000. Could be driver issues, anyway. Anyone on this super expensive nvidia cards with some hints.

Thanks /Martin

ask on IRC. developers.

So, did you strategically post here to get the thread exposed because your issue is more important than others or to show off you got access to a K5000? bitestongue :wink:

You’re a member long enough to know that’s “tech support” and not “blender and cg discussion”.

Yes, I am a bitter old man.

It would help if you mention more details such as driver version, operating system, Blender build and if possible a crash log.
For what it’s worth, the latest stable Blender runs fine on my computer with Windows 8.1, latest stable NVIDIA drivers and Quadro K5000.

@skw thanks, I am testing first on monday. So dunno what versions, but if you have it running with latest drivers it´s probably just an driver issue. Have you run the benchmark bmw scene? there´s no K5000 entry.

If I get Blender to start, I will check out the performance on that scene :slight_smile: