Blender cycle crashing with normal map node

All the other models works fine, but with this model, strangely, whenever I apply the normal map node,(not texture) it just automatically crashes. I had similar models using same normal maps, so the texture is not a problem, albeit it is quite big.
I don’t think it is Memory problem, I still have plenty of memory left. I is annoying and I cannot progress any further on applying skin material. I am using Arnold Skin Shader, but I don’t think it has problem with that. Normal map node, whether it is connected or not, if it is in the node panel, Blender just doesn’t respond and eventually crashes.
I am putting a file right below, so If anyone knows How to solve this, please respond. I don’t have much time, and I do not want to start over from the scratch.

I’ve got the same thing happening in a relatively simple geometric architectural model. One of my more complex meshes (which still has less than 100 polys) has two materials assigned to it, and when I add a normal map node to either material and then change 3D viewport shading to rendered it crashes immediately. If the 3d viewport shading is already set to rendered it crashes as soon as I try to add the normal map node. I thought perhaps there was another node in both materials that was causing a conflict but couldn’t identify one. However when I apply the same two materials to various faces of a simple cube, and then delete the more complex mesh, I can add a normal map node to either material and and render the 3D viewport without a problem. So it appears that the problem is at least partly related to mesh complexity, although relatively speaking my mesh is very simple compared to other types of modelling. I look forward to hearing if anyone else has encountered this and found a more complete explanation / solution.