Blender Cycles and the new iMac

Since the new iMacs are shipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 M, 650 M, GTX 660 and 675MX GPU card, is there anybody who has tested the behavior of the cycles renderer on this machines. Can we finally use the the GPU for optimal rendering ? Or are these just OEM cards (like apple used to use) who lack certain components.
The fact that this would work is the only reason why i should replace my old ATI driven CPU iMac.
Maybe an in depth test would be appreciated by a lot of the mac community.

Well, they’re mobile processors, so don’t expect much of a speed increase over a standard CPU. iMacs are really just glorified laptops with big screens. If you’re serious about CG work get a Mac Pro and hack your own GPU into it, or save a couple thousand dollars and just build a PC yourself.

I am working with GT 540M on my laptop PC and there is some measurable speed increase here so I wouldn’t say it’s worthless. I do have an i5 though, maybe an i7 or more would cover the difference. I think apple is tweaking the drivers, maybe omitting/altering CUDA support? so the best way is to test. Blender is fast to install, so a walk to a store with a zip standalone copy will be enough to verify it.

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