Blender Cycles - Direct light on object incorrect color

Hello everyone, I am in the early stages of modeling a scene. The floor of the scene is giving me problems with correct lighting effects. I am using a textured tiled floor that I managed to get working somewhat with nodes, however when there is DIRECT light shining on the floor, it appears as if it is not showing the correct color of the floor. I placed a low powered lamp above the floor to show what it is doing. It seems like it’s keeping the texture data but not the color data. The color of the floor is a copper(ish) color as it can be seen correctly with REFLECTED light. I am lost as to where I have gone wrong with the nodes. It was my first time making a texture by myself with no tutorials. I attached a picture of the node setup, maybe that will depict where I did wrong.


match colors. delete the bump node, that is for vectors.

A couple of things wrong with your setup…

  • You have the color output going through a bump node and then a math node before it goes into the color input. The bump node turns the luminance information of an image into a map for the purpose of plugging into the shader node’s normal input (which basically allows you to render bumpmaps).
  • Anything that goes through a math node becomes greyscale data, because the node only works with values, not color. You’re essentially getting a greyscale version of what would be data for producing a bumpmap.
  • To get your color, plug the color output directly into the color input of the diffuse node. You can use other color-based nodes to mix in other textures or modify the data if needed.

Wow, awesome information guys. Now I understand where I went wrong. I went ahead and made that change and it did indeed work! I have just started playing with the nodes not too long ago. Maybe I should do some reading on the characteristics of each node so I understand them better.

Thanks again!

purple is vectors and normals that tell textures and lighting how to act.

yellow is color data, rgb

gray is single channel, grayscale for numeric operations, like factors.

green is shaders. under no normal condition is green to be mixed with any other color.