Blender Cycles doesn't work (closes when switching to it)

Hello, i have a problem with the render cycles, it just doesn’t work at all, even with rendering a simple cube or a plane, it just doesn’t work with anything. I don’t know if it could be my pc, but i can use blender render perfectly without any problems (don’t know if it’s different with Cycles Render). This issue is frustrating, i’ve tried a lot of things like reinstalling it and adquiring the zip version, but none of these haven’t work till today.

But there’s something curious about the Cycles Render thing. Look, when i switch to Cycles with the default cube the blender closes, but when i use it with my Thor hammer it doesn’t close at all, but i can’t switch to Rendered View mode because it closes, and sometimes i can’t even switch to nodes editor because it also closes the blender, but some other times, i can access to it but i can’t do anything beside looking at it hoping of using it xd.

Exempli Gratia:
I can use the Cycles with the Little Bot Bunny i made as an study, also i can switch to the nodes editor and do a lot of things with it but i can render the image, and even with this, the blender doesn’t crashes.

Also with the Mjolnir i’ve mentioned before (same with the node editor).

Also i cannot select the “System” option on the user preferences because it closes blender too.

Any advices or answers to this “problem”?

My System info:

What version of Blender are you using? It might help to re-install Blender completely. Uninstall Blender as per usual and go into your C:\Users(username)\AppData\Roaming folder and delete ‘Blender Foundation’.
You could try installing the latest release candidate here:

i have downloaded the zip version, it’s on my desktop. About the version 2.79, i have a problem with it, i can’t even open it because it closes when opening (in an earlier post i’ve talked about it), so… i can’t use it. Anyways, it’ll try what you told to me.

Thx for replying :slight_smile:

BTW, i’m using the 2.77 version of Blender

It’s true that the crash happens because of the location of the files?

Also, i can’t switch to ‘system’ tab in users preferences because it crashes too (just in cases some of you ask me to change things on system tab).