Blender Cycles Materials

Hi everybody!
Welcome to the thread were you can post all your cycles materials.

I have looked on BA for a thread like this, but did not find one, so I made one my self.
Because I have seen many other threads for materials have problems like broken links to materials and textures that are not there, I have rules on this thread.

The material/s must be a .blend file that contains the material ;). (If you want you can post screenshots of node setups in addition to .bend.) (.blend may be in a .zip file as blender supports them to.)
If there is any image textures they must be packed in the .blend.
No BI materials.
.blend (and screenshots) must be attached to post, NO EXTERNAL LINKS PLEASE.
All submitted materials are under the Creative Commons Zero or GNU Public licence.

For those who do not know how to use materials from a external .blend, you use the append button, in the file menu,
using the append button you can open the .bend, in the file browser and look at the contents, then select the material and click append.

***OK now for the first submission, it’s attached :D.

Node Groups (1.61 MB)

PS: mine are all node groups (found in “Node Trees”.)
And if you have problems uploading a .blend try zipping it, that’s why mine’s ziped:eyebrowlift: