Blender Cycles rendering objects with wrong transform values (?)

I’ve encountered a weird problem, and that is the way blender renders objects in my scene. It kinda resets the Z values of objects to 0, resulting in weird positions and cropping of some parts of the objects.

I think it has something to do with parenting and object origins, but i’m kinda lost.

TLDR, the pictures tell the whole story.
Render viewport


. The blend file: LINK(I had trouble uploading to the forum so I uploaded on sendspace)

Any help is appreciated.


Look in the outliner window. You have some objects hidden in the viewport (eye icon) but still renderable (camera icon).

The LightBox.001 object is the problem, unhide it and see what it does to the view


Lol, I knew it had to be something stupid. I forgot I had that lightbox mesh in my project. Thanks a lot <3