Blender Cycles Texture Problems

I’ve just started using Cycles render and I can’t get my texture to work properly. Something is wrong but I just can’t seem to find what it is.

When I render an image the texture will show up as it should but there will aslo be a duplicate of the texture floating around out of place. It acts as if the vert coordinates are messed up. Does any one know what went wrong or how I can fix this?

It’s doing the same now in Blender Render so it must be a problem with the model.

I’ve also had problems with the black parts of my texture showing up as the material color as though they have become transparent.

This mess is killin’ me any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Jimbo

Have you unwrapped the mesh completely? The entire mesh has to be unwrapped and assigned. You may also have duplicate faces or vertices. Its hard to tell without the source file but it looks like the mesh needs to be unwrapped and the UVs need to be laid out in the UV editor to not overlap each other.

Just a little tip. Sometimes it helps me to not use any gloss on the material until the texture is placed where I want it. The glossy reflections create highlights that can make it hard to see exactly what is going on. IE, you have a white texture you are placing on a blue car with lights that reflect the same color as your texture.

Also know that if you unwrap your model and the UVs are moved off the texture in the UV editor (the grey area around you image) blender just repeats the texture in all direction, infinitely. So if you place the roof off the texture, it will still put the mapped texture on the roof. You need to scale the roof UVs smaller and place them within the texture space not intersecting with anything you don’t want it to. Or create a new texture with only the color blue and assign it to all other vertices in you mesh you only want blue.

Thank you for your reply. Unwrapping the entire mesh eliminated the mapping problem. I have been able to get away with only unwrapping one part of the mesh before but I guess it’s not a good idea.

Unfortunately the black number on the texture still turns blue. I use GIMP to edit texture maps. Any ideas as to why the black bit is becoming transparent?

Again its hard without knowing your node setup or how the texture was made, but try eliminating the gloss on the paint for now. Then if it is still the same color blue make sure when you save the texture in gimp as a PNG, and that you save all the colors. In the export dialog in gimp, there is a check box as I recall to save background color, or something like that. Another solution would be to exporting your image as a JPG.

OK, so I tried your sugestions and unfortunately I still can’t get it to work. JPG didn’t have any transparency so it turned the whole car white but the number was still blue. I messed around with the PNG options but nothing had an effect.

I can’t find any tutorial showing how to apply a texture with Cycles Nodes. What is the best way to do it? Right now I have the paint colors ending with a mix shader and the texture coming in with an add shader (I’ve tried mix shaders and all sorts of other combos this is best I’ve found so far). All other colors show up fine this way but dark grey - Black are read as transparency.

This is my node layout.

*Paint color refers to either a a series of nodes ending with a Mix Shader or a Diffuse Shader (to eliminate gloss I replaced my previous nodes with a single diffuse shader). This setup shown below.