Blender Cycles Volumetric patch

Where can I find the latest version of blender with the volumetrics patch?

Can I add the patch like any other addon or do I need to compile it into blender?

Right now I use trunk versions of blender from graphicall compiles with OpenMP and some other experimental addons and features like Bmesh. I saw a version on graphicall but it’s a few hundered revisions behind the one I’m using now. I don’t want to go back like that because I’m afraid it will break my current project.

Thanks for any help. And yes I did google it, and I did search for volumteric patch on here but no I did not go past the first page. I’m lazy and impatient. :no:

Sorry, I am too busy finishing bi-directional part, and since volumetric code not separated (it just part of my work tree, it help to debug some corner cases) no updates. I just send last snapshot of my work to [email protected]. As usual, use with caution, do not save important scene with patched Blender, it change some node tree ID and can lost all data !

Gaah that’s unfortunate news!! BUT I’m glad you’re working on this, its awesome and the stuff I’ve seen from it look great!! I guess I’ll just try the old use BI to do fog and composite it in trick. I don’t want to have to split my project between two versions of blender, I already tried that with luxrender and it turned out real bad. Thanks anyways man! :slight_smile: Oh if you need anyone to do testing though I’m willing to help, I’m on a win 7 x64 system with a Core2Quad Q6600 w/ 8GB RAM and ATI HD 6870 1GB.