Blender default to Cycles

Maybe it is time to switch to Cycles renderer when starting up first time, Cycles is good enough to be default. Cycles is easier for newcomers too.

Idea proposed for beginning with 2.64>

Easy enough to do if you want to: save preferences with it chosen. Personally I don’t think cycles is ready yet.

very good idea
cycles can render photoreal, BI cant

BI is bad, cycles is the good

must be default!

and we need new features!

I wouldn’t really say that Cycles is newbie-friendly, perhaps you can easily assign a glass material to a monkey head but that doesn’t make it easy to use, to make more complex material you need a working knowledge of maths and a pretty deep understanding of how Cycles works and that is not easy to master.

I have dabbled with Cycles since the release announcement and I still don’t have a clue how to whip up those complex materials people occasionally show here on the forums.

I think it’s too early for that.

Neither is easier.
BI is more feature complete.
Cycles is not really production ready yet.

My counter-proposal:
stop fiddling around with the defaults all the time as of now - this is (imo) more annoying than useful. Try to complete already present, but neglected features instead.

Cycles should become Blender’s default renderer as soon, as it’s feature support is on par with the BI, not a single second earlier!

I’m a newcomer and I have no idea how to use Cycles.

Cycles really should not be default until asset library is complete and it is on par with BI as far as features goes, imo. Asset lib is very important for Cycles, arguably more so than BI.

No it should not be default. Not until it is complete. Plus it is actually not easy to learn. The texture panel is actually very unintuitive, but that’s fine because its not even complete.

I’m somewhere on the fence.

Cycles has the potential to be easier, but is not yet. However, BI is certainly far from easier.

Cycles makes a lot more sense in terms of UVmapping workflow to surfaces with all texture control being moved to within the material panel, and related directly to a shader.

I’m teaching two classes in July this year, and will be keeping an eye out for which renderer to teach. Hopefully Cycles gets some pre-made materials by then, but perhaps i just need to teach people how to find and download materials from the net.

You can make it a default on your computer if you want
Don’t make this into another BI vs Cycles thread

Cycles has a long way to go before even be considered a standalone engine, so its pointless to talk about it being the default render engine for Blender. Till now BI is not even an option, its mandatory for most if not all full renders. But who knows maybe in a few years.

Until all the same features are supported, I think it is too early. Particles at least - no point letting newcomers follow tutorials about combing and cutting hair to find they have to switch over to BI for that render layer… but yes, Cycles is really coming along.

Cycles isn’t the default? I thought it was. LOL
The first I do when new preferences setup is needed.

IMO, cycles is more easy to handle than BI, far easier.
The only thing a newbie has to do is to learn the nodes UI. Then, all depend on his imagination.
No dark renders anymore, no more ‘dead’ light.

Yes, cycles has long way to go but not that long.

i did not mean to drop BI just use Cycles as a first start.

To put it all shortly:
Cycles will not be the primary renderer until it’s superior or at least equal.
Currently, BI is feature wise superior, and the only thing it can’t do is realistic light bounces, which is covered by Cycles.

let’s wait for baking so the cake be ready.

It is too early to make cycles default. Let’s wait until it gets refined. Maybe in half a year we can start considering it.

let’s wait for baking so the cake be ready.

Not so easy IMO, they have to solve a lot of problems first. The smooth shading issue, first of all.
But, but, it’s a matter of taste and needs. You can always save your prefs setup, right?
What’s the real meaning of all this discussion? Except that BI development has stopped and should be considered as a dead application already. Another one if I may, cycles brought a new nodes based UI and a real time preview. This is an excellent UI IMO and better get used to it.