Blender default to Cycles

I think it’s ok the way BI and Cycles are right now

Maybe now 2.65 Cycles should be default when starting up first time because Cycles if future anyway and why confuse newcomers with internal. For me it is not problem, i just create conf with default Cycles but i worry of people who use Blender first time and Cycles is easier.

I think it’s still too early.

Example: Consider a newbie runs “Quick Smoke” and then he does not get a volume render.

Cycles should at least support hair and volumes, then we can check on this. :slight_smile:

or in the user preferences have a setting for “default render at startup”
doing this you could even choose an external render as the default if you wanted to.

Lux, yafaray, micro render, etc… or cycles, blender internal (whatever you want)

  1. File > New

  2. Change scene render engine to desired renderer.

  3. Cntl+U

The one downside is that additional scenes in a given project still spawn with BI as the renderer.

I will have to get a new computer to continue to use Blender IF it goes to only Cycles. And that might cost a lot of money. I don’t know. One thing that is not clear is, which kind and type of graphic processor and/or board ( and amount of on board ram etc. ) is the best, which is the minimum, and what is the cheapest for using Cycles in Blender? The Compositing tutorials do not match the version I have downloaded, 2.63. So how is any nooby to compositing, ( which I am ) going to ever get there? Really, somebody please post a list of parts ( so I can google them ) required to run Blender relatively smoothly in Cycles. I love Blender, I right now don’t love Cycles and/or Compositing.

What you will need is a high class Nvidia Graphics card, and that’s about it…
I have Nvidia Geforce 560 and the speed is satisfying.

Cycles still misses a few fundamental functionalities, like wireframe materials (mandatory for creating promo renders of meshes).

Which is why BI is not dropped out yet.

drop a fast effective render engine ? sounds like a great idea to me :smiley:

When Cycles is as fast and effective, of course.

Not drop it…
Just find a darker, quitter place inside blender, to rest in peace. lol
After the implementation of hair, volumes, SSS, but most importantly, all the baking capabilities… Indeed why we haven’t this last one under cycles? Not very important to some?

Not drop it…
Just find a darker, quitter place inside blender, to rest in peace. lol

If you want BI, just use the older version of blender.
But why would anyone want BI when Cycles is better or equivalent at everything (Which is the only condition on when BI is dropped)?

From Blender version 3 NO ONE will use internal anymore but that’s 48 months away at minimum.

Really? I think BGE work, VSE and compositor fast shadeless/shadow only materials, interactive bump map painting in texpaint mode, Freestyle integration, other NPR techniques all depend in part on BI render engine. Yes, that would be great if these things are all capable in Cycles, but not yet, not for awhile. It takes a lot of effort to set up some of the work arounds in cycles, and in BI it is something of a ‘check this box’ and go. Maybe in the future we will see some preset manager for Cycles to have solutions already packaged in like a node tree setup for these situations, kind of like Rigify lets you insert bone sets or full rigs.

because it’s unlikely that you ever could be better or equivalent at everything. there is no “one true renderer” just look in the commercial world: hundreds of renderers… some trying to compromise and be jack of all trades, others highly specialised to one market segment or another and as a result useless for other purposes…

In short you have to think long and hard about renderers and your project or just go with what you know and stick to something middle of the rpad.

best you can hope for is that in most of the use cases that most of the people do that cycles is viable.

Anyway, one of the first things people learn is how to set up defaults and save them to their own prefs so it has never really mattered what the defaults are, just that they are consistent.

all you silly “bleep” use cycles for your primary renderer, don’t be so high and mighty…I see no reason NOT to make it the primary…we all find ourselves more often using cycles and switching back to BI for a specific feature than we do using BI and switching to cycles for a feature…YES MAKE IT DEFAULT…everyone in this community seems to think they are developing blender on their own…silly “bleep”.

EDIT: I was told this post violates forum rules…I am not 100% sure why but I think in England [email protected]$tard is a naughty word…??? while in America it is less so…

They’re both there, who cares which one is default.

+1 & QFT
stinking 10 characters…

What are we talking about?
Cycles vs BI?
I love cycles. Lux and Yafa, great renders. I liked kerkythea and all it’s branches around as well.
But I never liked BI. Why should I? For its dead shadows? I still remember apps back in 96. Radiosity solutions. Too slow but convincing at this time, beautiful. 16 years later, BI still looks ugly, full of dead light. What? I don’t know how to handle it? lol

Oh, I don’t like to call me a bastard because I use a nice render engine…
Most importantly, with a modern advanced nodes-based UI.