Blender deleted Actions

So I had a few different “poses” saved in the Action Editor. For example, two different walk poses and a sitting pose. I also had a laying pose. Well, when I opened up blender today to work on it (wanted to poke at some more poses) the only action there was the laying one. Now I know I didn’t save over the other ones with this lay pose because they were all there yesterday, and I could flip between all of them and the lay pose was made after the others. So I’m a bit confused and rather irked at this. :frowning: Any ideas?

Did you press the F button? It saves it even if nothing is using it, for some reason in 2.6 it’s not on by default.

Um. F doesn’t do anything in pose mode when the action editor is open.

You press the F button to the right of the Action name to make a fake user so it is saved when you close blender


Oh! That F. xD

Okay. So I suppose i’ll have to redo my poses then. sadface.