Blender Demo Loop

Hi Everyone,

This is pretty interesting, if you have not seen it allready:

It loops through about 16 different blends. You will have to download the loop file once you click on the above link (2.5megs).

Anyone know the status of the demo-loop? Link above results in empty page and I can’t find any mention of it on main Blender site. IIRC it failed after 2.36 and still won’t work with 2.40. Shame because it was an impressive demo and a quick way to test if everything is ok after a new install.

You can download here, currently doesn’t work in 2.40


Shame it has stopped working. There was a set of .blend test files once fro 2.37 (I think) and I had to to open them all individually. This would have been useful!

When I saw the post topic, I found myself thinking of the Blender Demo Reel which also seems to have vanished. It is rather dated now but I rather liked it. It would be nice to have a new demo reel to show off all the nice new features we are enjoying.


The demo reels are still around, I posted links to them in the india thread I think?

If you can’t find them, let me know, and I can track em down…


The demo reels are still around. If you can’t find them, let me know, and I can track em down…

Nah…don’t worry I;ve seen them plenty of times when I first started using Blender.

What I think I was suggesting was making a nice new reel for (so we can show the rest of the world that yes Blender does do hair, nice animation, softbodies and fluid simulation). :smiley:

Just to show off what can be done really - featurewise. :wink:


hey dmoc,
why dig up so old thread that no one else have replies too? better to post a new one, but since no one has replied to until you did, I’ll let it pass for this time, and did you ask at forum?

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