Blender Demographics: Age

Ok, second poll and I’ll leave it at that. I’m 22 personally. Again no need to post your age in the thread, but please do participate in the poll!

I hope these age ranges are ok, I tried to do it by social age groups, I think. I dunno! :o

edit: After delving into forum etiquette I realise this thread may be frowned upon, as forte brought this sticky to my attention, and apologise in advance to the mods if its a problem. I won’t make any more polls about statistics.

edit2: It’s been suggested that you post the age at which you first found Blender, so feel free to do so if you like :slight_smile: But note that the poll is for you current age, not the age at which you started using Blender :wink:

wheres the poll, though?

edit: ah there it is :slight_smile:

and in the top age demographic at the time of my vote :smiley:

  1. 20 in October.

im 31 and the first one in my age range…

24 now.

Heh, I love to see those people who put “I’m 12. 13 in January!” They just seem to grow up so much quicker than the rest of us.

I’m 21, 22 in November :-p
In both polls i was in the largest group on the moment of voting

I’m 16. Teenager for another handful of years yet. :slight_smile:

Good idea doing these demographics. But haven’t an age poll been done somewhere here before? I don’t know, maybe not.

Hey Man, wow I expected you to be older! I’m now even more impressed and humbled by your skillz.

As to there being another age poll, maybe there was one, but to be honest I didn’t look :smiley:

Cough, cough->Posted at the top of the off-topic forum->cough, cough.

It contains links to seven other age polls.

Oh shit :eek:. Well if there’s seven already, what’s one more eh? :o

edit: actually it’s not so bad, I see that the newest of those age polls is from 2005. But yeh, I realise the mods don’t want this sort of thing to become a habit.

So, this is kinda like a Blender Census? Want the ages of my family members as well, for the sake of completion?

:confused: Nope, it would just be for the forum goers and users of blender. You could call it an unofficial census I guess.

i’ll be 18 in february.

edit: i started in march of '07.

you should also ask how old they were when they started using blender seriously i was 14 and am now 16

  1. Makes me a minority I see. Does that mean I’m cool if I wear strange clothes? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 52, and have been doing some form of 2D and 3D as a hobby since CorelDraw 3, when Corel had 75% of their market. Anyone here used programs like KeyCad for DOS, or Virtus Walk Thru Pro?

That’s a good idea, though it would not necessarily need to be in poll format. Maybe that’s a good one for the off topic section, though I won’t be making any more threads like that for a while I think. I’m getting a bit trigger happy with starting threads as it is. :rolleyes:

Minorities that wear strange clothes are always cool :cool:

  1. 18 in may '08. Started blender (and 3d) in January.

Its ok to have a new age poll every year, as a matter of fact it is a good thing it shows how much the user base is shifting over the years, how easy blender becomes to learn and many other things. Someone should make a chart.

Oh and am 20, but I found blender when I was 19. I wish I found it as soon as I got into 3D around 5 years ago. I started off using Rhino, what fun that was…