Blender Demolition

I tried the new Blender feature and I am amazed with the results… of course that it needs some adjustments, i noticed that when vertices disconnect the faces are gone… just the edges remain and in the render the edges aren’t detected… but it is really a amazing feature!!!

You could download the build in and post here you tests with this feature! The build name is “Blender Ultra”. If you have some questions about how to use i can help with what i learned by now.

The videos are private, so I can’t comment.

Blender Ultra has things that may not be in an official release for who knows how long, but hopefully some of the things like demolition will make it in.

Sorry! Now the videos are public. thank you by advertise, Cyborg Dragon. I know that the Blender Ultra is not official and almost entire new features will not be in the 2.50 :frowning:
But you can get grate results with this build. Could you try the demolition feature and post the result here? Please!