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Since there’s a new forum for test builds, my builds are no longer…

go here to find other builds in the new forum over at

59 views and no comments, just curious downloads?

haha, yup,i like it, i like all the new ways to render it without having to go through the changes myself, example NTSC 16:9

yep! :smiley:

yep! :D[/quote]

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a replay… Downloaded, installed, Rendered and had lots of fun doing it :smiley:
the new interface is great!!!

I now have releases from the 15th,17th, and 23rd. I would like to see a feature list change from the previous release (i.e. the Wings releases), or are these all being compiled from different people? If so…can anyone release their own compile? I understand I would have to submit the code before releasing it.

this is only my own private compile, as tuhopuu is no official release, it doesn’t have any official builds either, so this is just a nice present from me to you :wink:

btw…I would like to tell you all that I asked Goofster before to code a feature for Edit Mesh mode…

you all know that in normal 3D window and you have a selected object and you hit the " . " on the NumPad ?? (" , " on swedish keyboards btw) the objects zooms in closeup in the 3d view…

well…this feature is the same, but it works now for Edit Mesh mode too…only that you must select more than ONE vertex, 2 or more that is, to be able to use it…VERY handy when you work in several parts and wants to zoom in quickly!!!

Instead of using the feature, select vertex/edge/face and hit Shift+S to put the cursor there and then push C-key for the center viewing it…this is more shortcut step and Way faster to use this trick !!! Indeed Very Handy…and I cant stop mention it LOL


cool !!

thanks Goof !!

Wow, that really does come in handy. I never even knew about it for meshes out of edit mode till now. I’d been using the old Shift+S+C method. Thanks!


There’s also transformation mode numerical input in this version (IIRC).

Try going in grab mode and typing numbers. Tab to swtich axis, Minus (-), not on the numpad, to switch sign, backspace once to clear the selected axis, twice to clear all. This works in suplement of the mouse, so if you stricktly want numerical input, don’t move the mouse. (works also with axis restraint, axis rotation modes, blah blah…).

And the not so new constraints, of course…


May we have a linux build please?

There is also a new effect : Random.

Good build, runs fine, but i want to know where the integrated Yafray rendering has gone, it was in tuhopuu1 but has not been patched yet. Can someone who knows whats going on let us poor folks who dont know whats going on.

I like the new UI designs, though it could still be worked on. It’s normal for any program that after years of development the UI might need an overhaul, and I think Blender’s is nearing this needed change…

There’s one bug though: whenever I open a file selection window, the background is light grey, but when my mouse rolls over any of the lines, that line becomes dark grey, and stays like that, so after a while I’ve got a bunch of dark grey lines among the lighter ones. Then when the mouse leaves the window, all the lines revert to light grey…

I’m using an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 under Win 2000, with a Pentium IV 1700. It might just be a driver problem though.

noo, I have that issue to on my Nvidia FX5600 128MB card as well…


noo, I have that issue to on my Nvidia FX5600 128MB card as well…[/quote]

heh, yes, and I have dual 100ghz pentium 8, and five nvidia cards, and man does it render fast.


the file menu problem is probably because those colors don’t get changed yet, no biggy…


Should I uninstall blender before installing tuhopuu?

no need to worry. both are completely seperate executables. which means that you’re good to go with either one.

be aware that tuhopuu is NOT official, and is considered experimental.