Blender Devs detection for OpenCL device during compile

 56%] Building CXX object intern/cycles/util/CMakeFiles/cycles_util.dir/util_guarded_allocator.cpp.o
/home/mdriftmeyer/Blender/Developer/blender-git/blender/intern/cycles/device/device_opencl.cpp: In function ‘std::__cxx11::string ccl::device_opencl_capabilities()’:
/home/mdriftmeyer/Blender/Developer/blender-git/blender/intern/cycles/device/device_opencl.cpp:209:65: error: ‘CL_DEVICE_BOARD_NAME_AMD’ was not declared in this scope

I have the OpenCL AMDGPU-PRO drivers installed and their OpenCL-Dev stack. Where does Blender look for the OpenCL header files?

Whether or not I have mesa-opencl-icd along-side the amdgpu-pro opencl icd is irrelevant as mesa’s removal doesn’t compile blender OSL/OpenSubDiv support: both of which require OpenCL to operate now.

So, how are you folks picking up and which pathways are you searching? AMDGPU-PRO is under the /opt pathway. My OSL/OpenSubDIV are under /usr/local/

What’s the magic?

I can run OpenCL for FX-8350/RX-480 together in prebuilds but I can’t get them to compile from source.

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