Blender disables other windows

Sometimes Blender (I’m using 2.82) makes it impossible to browse any other open windows. I can switch between windows by alt + tab, but can’t scroll them or move between tabs in net browser.

This doesn’t happen very often and everything is working normally after I quit Blender, but it’s annoying if rendering takes longer and I can’t do anything else at the same time.

Usually in any OS one app can’t make other apps to stop drawing their windows… but of course if you are rendering with the CPU and using a lot of CPU power and your system is on the limit then other apps just are slow too… (you can make blender using not all cores…) . You may also post some specs… ?

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Well, my laptop is quite moderate (Intel core-i3, 8GB ram, Intel HD graphics 620), so everything is depending heavily on CPU.

I’m now on version 3.1, so it remains to be seen, whether it was a bug and if it is fixed or not. So far I haven’t found anything suggesting I should stay on 2.82.

Desktop i3 3.3GHz 8GB Linux Debian Blender 2.93 3.01 3.1.2 3.2.0 while using Vivaldi Browser with multiple (by far too much) tabs :wink: and a tower with slight lower spec i3 2.6/8GHz?? 4GB and lately a donated GTX 660 (which i only can use more if i finaly rearrange my furniture :sweat_smile:)