Blender Discord-- all 4 of them?

This post is mostly to address an issue I’m seeing about blender related discords.
Quick recap for people who don’t know what discord is-- It is an instant messaging service that is mostly geared towards video games but it seems to be a good place for some artists to get together.

As for Blender Discords. There are a couple to choose from, You don’t have to be limited to only one discord server. Each of them have their own staff members and different events and expertise.

As of this post, There are currently 4 major discord oriented servers. is the one that I run, it started over a year ago, just hit over 2000 members, everyone varies from skill level from newbie to professionals and instructors, even blender certified trainers sometimes poke in. It has full support from the Blender facebook group that I also run and has full support from Blender Nation.

Then there is another great blender discord, I nickname it “Blender red” because the icon, but it is also an excellent choice and also has a good 1000+ members. Blender red: They have also been pretty active here, from my understanding, they recruited a lot of people from Blender Artists forums.

The next one is a smaller, newer discord server but this time it also has a large amount of support from Sheepit staff. This server started from Reddit-- I believe. And is mostly on the blender subreddit community links. They have some interesting challenges for different skilled users. Reddit Blender:

The last one is mostly geared Blender Non Photo realistic or Blender NPR. This community also has its own blender Facebook group that has been up for years. Blender NPR Server:

These are just based on my current information about each of these discords. There may be other discords for blender that exist however if they do, they may be very small or not advertised somewhere. These are mostly from seeing people post about it on Facebook, Reddit, and Blender Artists. There may be more going on in each of the servers listed as well, so join all of them and find out which community best fits you and your needs.

I’m mostly making this post because people would get asked “The link is invalid, someone else link?” and a different discord gets linked instead.

These 4 are all affiliated with each other, the creators talk to each other and want to plan events between each of the servers and just generally have a great experience with the community. It’s been the fastest way to get and provide help. Sometimes people want to post on the forums for some help because thats what they prefer. Some of us on the discord just prefer instant messaging.

As time goes by, I will edit this post to include more information about these 4 discords and any others that may pop up. I hope this makes things less confusing for everyone!

TLDR: There are 4 blender discord servers, all of them are different in their own little ways. Join them all if you want the best experience, find out which one you guys like. will update when more info is given about them all. Here’s le links again.

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I might pop in from time to time. Does Discord have a mobile version?

Yes is sure does

Yep, discord has mobile for both Android and iOS.

I wouldn’t mind multiple servers but discord devs are such bitches about fixing the goddamn server management/organization… Well I’m already part of two of these, though, so in that sense probably won’t be missing much. (Sort of wish I’d be in the reddit one too, though, I love the sheepIt guys for what they are doing. Reminds me I should do some kind of render project I’ve got 300k unused points :3c )

Yes, Discord has a mobile app :slight_smile: