Blender Discord Competition

I am pleased to announce our October Blender Competition on our Discord Server!
(link down below)

The first two week theme will be: Struggle

The Second two week theme will be: (HIDDEN)

You can make the scene using whatever methods you want. However, it must be 3d in the end and must follow the rules listed.

Prizes (Four Winners Total):

1st Place:

  • A Huion Inspiroy H1060P!
  • or $105 paypal

2nd Place:

  • A hard asset pack, procedural laser material, a two-handed pole rig, a particle material testing blend, a cycles NPR anime shader, and a glitch effect compositor node made by me

Each two week segment will have a 1st and 2nd place winner.

Server Link:

Also, we are looking for people to help sponsor future contests like this. It’s a chance to have your name on it and hand out some nice prizes and support the blender community!