Blender Displacement Problems

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in here or in basics and interface, so my apologies if it is in the wrong place.

My Question(s) are Around Displacement

Q) I have created a model in ZBrush and have exported the displacement map, I then imported the displacement map and added a SubSurf Modifier. The problem is I can’t get the Blender displacement to look anything like the ZBrush Render no matter what I try.

If someone could please have a look (see link) and tell me what I might be doing wrong or missing. Also if you have seen a good “Free” ZBrush to Blender tutorial please let me know.

well I have got the Into to ZBrush here on my desk, and i have used it to export Displacement maps to Blender and Maya.

let me see if i can find it in there…

Do you have the Displacement and .blend files?

Thanks Nate_Bro for the reply. I will try and get you the .blend and disp. files tomorrow.