blender do not run under mac osx


after downloading blender and setting them to application blender do not run under g4 1,2GHZ 1 GB. Do not run blender on this system?



Blender definately runs on OS X, what version of OS X do you have?
Click on the Apple at the top left corner and click “about this mac”


mac osx 10.3.9

Well I’m running blender on a 1.33GHz G4 and it works perfectly (Mac OS 10.4.6 atm, but worked on all the sys versions I’ve used, 10.3.something included). What exactly happens when you try to start the program?

did you download the version of blender for python 2.3?

mac osx doesn’t have python 2.4 installed by default, and the python 2.4 version of blender will not run without it.

Hi jonny2000,

I have a system similar to yours, and it runs great. You mentioned you dragged blender to the application folder. Did you copy the entire folder with all files or just the Blender needs all the files in the zip file to run. You might try the installable version instead of the zip file.

:smiley: Thanks now its running. I had phyton 2.4 downloaded with python 2.3 it runs perfect!

So long